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Final Plan

The North Central Vision Action Plan is the result of a monthslong strategic community-led planning process that brought Covenant Blu Grand Center and Vandeventer neighborhoods together to develop their vision for the future. During this time, the Plan’s vision statement, core values, guiding principles, goals and strategies were developed by the Steering Committee and then presented to the public for feedback at key planning milestones. The Steering Committee was made up of residents, elected officials, business owners, churches, and community organizations. Residents provided their input and feedback through surveys, the project website and public meetings both virtual and in person.

The Plan encourages residents to remain in place while identifying new ways to revitalize their community and to create opportunities for others to become neighbors. Ultimately the vision is to create a whole, healthy and vibrant community.

For a detailed review of The North Central Vision Action Plan, read the full report below.

North Central Vision Action Plan