The North Central Plan is a community-led visioning and strategic planning process which will be completed in Spring 2021. The process, and thus the final plan, will be based on extensive community engagement. The final plan will be called the North Central Plan. It will include: a Statement of Core Values and Community Vision; plan goals; and identified projects, programs and actions. A separate implementation plan will also be developed.


The foundation of the planning process will be an asset-based approach. The key asset is the members of the community – the people. Other assets include: schools; churches; all the institutions within the Grand Center Arts District; medical facilities such as the Veterans Administration Hospital; and social and human support organizations. The community will first focus on its strengths and opportunities to create a shared vision for the future that includes their aspirations and will showresults.


The North Central Plan will be submitted to the City of St. Louis for adoption in 2021 for final adoption. When adopted, the community will engage in direct implementation planning and process.